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Refresh/Invalidate cache

Event management implementation provides the ability to configure when to invalidate register cache after form submission.

Since we currently cache the register data, we need to refresh/invalidate the cache every time a patient or family is removed from the app. This is to make sure the UI shows the correct data at all times.

The refreshContent field in the questionnaireConfig determines whether the register cache should be invalidated when a form is submitted.

Sample questionnaire with refreshContent

"title": "Pregnancy Outcome",
"titleColor": "@{patientTextColor}",
"visible": "@{isPregnant}",
"enabled": "@{patientActive}",
"actions": [
"trigger": "ON_CLICK",
"questionnaire": {
"id": "questionnaire-uuid",
"title": "Pregnancy outcome",
"resourceIdentifier": "@{patientId}",
"planDefinitions": [
"refreshContent" : true