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You can manage edits through

  1. complex structure maps to ensure that any potential downstream effects of an edit (like changing CarePlan or Task status) are accounted for, or
  2. limiting what is editable to only those fields(data elements) that do not have downstream affects.

We suggest following approach (2.) to reduce the chance of errors and the resulting inconsistent data.

Limiting what is editable

Below we describe how to limit what is editable while reusing the same FHIR resources that created the data. This assumes that you have

  • a Questionniare that data is originally entered in and will be edited in,
  • a StructureMap that extracts data from the QuestionnaireResponse into other resources,
  • a config the specifies one interface to launch the Questionnaire for creation and another to launch it for editing.
  1. Create a new hidden item in the Questionnaire to hold the is-edit-mode value
"extension": [
"url": "",
"valueBoolean": true
"linkId": "is-edit-profile",
"type": "boolean"
  1. Pre-populate the new item on when loading the questionnaire, to use a static rule with a boolean value of true. Do this for any button or menu-item that you want to launch the edit form.

Sample rule:

"name": "isEditProfile",
"condition": "true",
"actions": [
"data.put('isEditProfile', true)"

Sample pre-population:

"paramType": "PREPOPULATE",
"linkId": "is-edit-profile",
"dataType": "BOOLEAN",
"key": "isEditProfile",
"value": "@{isEditProfile}"
  1. Use the pre-set value of the edit mode item, isEditProfile, to enable the items with downstream effects in the Questionnaire, such as date of birth and gender, using the enableWhen Questionnaire item attribute. This will cause those items only to show when isEditProfile is false, i.e. when creating data.
"enableWhen": [
"question": "is-edit-profile",
"operator": "exists",
"answerBoolean": false
"enableBehavior": "any"
  1. Launch the Questionnaire from an edit menu just as would is creating, but prepopulate the previously captured items. This approach allows to you to use the existing Questionnaire and StructureMap.