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App Setup

This guide assumes you have an existing FHIR Store set up with a typical FHIR Information Gateway connected to a backend Identity and Access Management (IAM) system and transactional FHIR data store with a standard FHIR API.

We will go through the example of setting up an electronic immunization registry (EIR) for a community health worker (CHW) expected to use the app. As we go we will note reusable pieces of functionality and at the end we will reference a number of use cases that can be addressed with a similar pattern.

Core functions of the EIR for CHWs

Patient registration

Preview of work so far

Patient list and profile

Preview of work so far

Register vaccine form

Preview of work so far

The completed core app

Advanced functions of the EIR for CHWs

Registering households

Similar use cases

HIV management

TB management

Malaria managment

Antenatal care